Adopting a Penny Lane Foal

Thank you for your interest in the foals and yearlings at PLFR.  We hope this page gives you a good summary of the process, and we look forward to working with you to find a great horse to match your needs. You can call PLFR at (505) 363-3203 to schedule an appointment to meet our adoptables. 

Penny Lane Foal Rescue (PLFR) is a non-profit 501C-3 corporation that rescues orphaned and abandoned foals throughout New Mexico, provides intensive care and foundation skills training, and placement into loving, forever homes. Our ultimate goal is to find suitable adopters and place these horses in a safe, comfortable environment where they will receive the care and attention they deserve.

The purpose of the PLFR adoption process is to match the prospective adopters with a horse that will meet their needs, will be safe to ride and handle, and can provide years of enjoyment to the new family.  We spend a great deal of time working with the horse and potential new owner to ensure that we are making the correct match. We do not claim to have horses that are “bomb proof” or “safe” for beginners or children.  It is up to the potential owner to assess their own needs and abilities as well as the abilities of the new horse.  We will work with you extensively to make that assessment.


The process begins with a visit to the facility and completion of an Application for Adoption.  The Application for Adoption gives us the information we need to help you find the right horse. At the time the Application for Adoption form is submitted, a $25 background check fee is required.


We want your first visit to PLFR to be both enjoyable and educational.  We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule, but we ask you to make an appointment prior to arriving at the facility. 


In taking the horse to a new home, PLFR will inspect your facility prior to the horse leaving the facility.  We look at shelter, fencing, run areas, access to water and feed and hay storage.  We want to send our horses to a safe and secure environment without the threat of injury to the horse.  We also want them to have adequate exercise space that is not subject to overcrowding.  We will also look at the conditions of any other animals on the premises.  We will contact your veterinarian and a farrier for a reference. 

Barbed Wire: We cannot release your new horse to an enclosure with barbed wire. 



When you have made the final selection of a horse, you will complete the Adoption Agreement. This is the contract between you and PLFR that is in effect for the first 12 months of your adoption. The first 12 months are considered a probationary period. During that year, you have physical custody of the horse, but ownership of the horse remains with PLFR. After a successful 12-month probationary period, PLFR will transfer ownership of the horse to you.


The adoption fees are established by PLFR management; vary from horse to horse; and are to be paid at the time you sign the Adoption Agreement. The fees are a necessary part of our operation and the primary goal is to recover as much of the medical expenses as possible. The Adoption Fee is considered a non-refundable donation to the facility and is retained by the facility if we ultimately need to take the horse back.  This is another reason to be certain about your horse before you adopt.