“Partnering youth and horses to achieve their full potential”

Penny Lane Foal Rescue is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned and abandoned foals from throughout New Mexico, providing intensive socialization and foundation skills training, and placement into their loving, forever homes.


It is our goal to be a strong community resource for New Mexicans needing assistance with caring for orphaned and abandoned foals rescued out of roundups and auctions.


Become a Horse Leader!

Here's a great opportunity for you to enjoy the outdoors, build bonds with horses, gain confidence, and make a difference in the lives of orphaned foals!


Become a HORSE LEADER at Penny Lane Foal Rescue and Training Center!


Ideal for those who LOVE horses OR who may be struggling with confidence, life changes, anxiety, and asserting themselves.


Individuals, 9 years and older, will experience joy and confidence as they build respectful and loving partnerships with a variety of horses and foals at Penny Lane Foal Rescue and Training Center in Rio Rancho!


Our Horse Leaders make a significant difference in the lives of orphaned foals by providing the much-needed socialization and foundation skills that will help them get placed in their forever, loving homes.


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Elva Mico Foal Emergency Assistance Fund


Penny Lane Foal Rescue was recently awarded a grant from the Elva Mico Family Trust to provide emergency assistance for orphaned and abandoned foals throughout New Mexico.  The Elva Mico Foal Emergency Assistance Fund provides grants of up to $100, while funding lasts, for emergency expenses related to the care of orphaned and abandoned foals to include the first vet visit, antibiotics, milk replacer, and foal feed. Penny Lane works directly with veterinarians and local feed stores to assist foals in need. Contact Penny Lane Foal Rescue to donate directly to this fund, or to get assistance for an orphaned or abandoned foal in New Mexico. 


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We are a proud member of A Home for Every Horse!

Gift of Gelding Fund


Penny Lane Foal Rescue is committed to helping reduce the unwanted horse population in New Mexico. Early gelding of colts saves lives. Gelding a colt under a year old is safer, with quicker recovery time, than gelding later in life. Geldings are often easier to own, train, and care for than most stallions. The fate is often bleak for many stock grade stallions who are often sold to indiscriminate buyers at auctions.  Penny Lane Foal Rescue’s Gift of Gelding Fund provides assistance of up to $100, while funding is available, paid directly to the veterinarians, for the gelding of colts of under a year old. Contact Penny Lane Foal Rescue to contribute directly to this fund, or for gelding assistance for a colt in New Mexico.

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