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Barn Rules

    For Your Safety and the Welfare of Our Equines:

  1. Please Maintain Constant Direct Adult Supervision And Control Of Minors

  2. ONLY Authorized People May Enter Horse Area Or Other Restricted Areas

  3. Helmets Must Be Worn At All Times In Horse Area

  4. Please Refrain From Teasing, Chasing, Or Feeding Animals

  5. Please Keep From Shouting, Screaming, or Yelling Out Around Horses

  6. No Running, Jumping, Or Climbing On Fences, Gates, And Equipment

  7. ONLY Authorized Staff Permitted To Unlatch, Open, And Close Gates

  8. Stay Safe, No Horseplay

  9. Be On Time To Drop Off And Pick Up Your Child From Their Lessons

  10. Wear Appropriate Clothing: Jeans, Boots, Jackets (As Needed)

  11. Please Plan Restroom Needs Accordingly

  12. Please Keep Scheduled Appointments

  • It is paramount that Human and Horse safety be protected and enforced at all times at Penny Lane. Barn Rules Must be followed.

  • Penny Lane Foal Rescue reserves the right to refuse service at any time. Lessons may be revoked if Barn Rules are not followed.

  • Lessons are every four consecutive weeks. A missed lesson is considered a donation to our rescues.                                                                                                                                         Thank you for your understanding.

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