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Penny Lane Foal Rescue is an entirely volunteer run equine rescue. All donations go directly towards the care of orphaned foals throughout New Mexico and towards the daily care of the rescues at our facility. We are the only foal-specific equine rescue in the state of New Mexico and the only horse rescue in Rio Rancho. We are so grateful for our community who volunteer their time to make a difference in the lives of our rescues.

Our volunteer Sprucers dedicate their time each week to spruce our facility including manure management, stall mat sweeping, and grooming all of our rescues. Our Sprucers create a family atmosphere with laughter and camaraderie while working around the facility making Penny Lane Foal Rescue a super fun place to volunteer your time!

Penny Lane Foal Rescue relies on volunteers from the community to serve on our Wound Care Team. These very special individual commit to a specific schedule to help hold and soothe our medically fragile orphans and weanlings as they begin their rehabilitation from severe injuries incurred prior to their arrival.

Our veterinarians, farriers, and other medical professionals are committed to the rehabilitation of our orphans and weanlings. Some volunteer their services helping our rescue conserve resources to go towards other much needed supplies.
Our HEROES!!!!


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