Ringo was rescued from the auctions at 6 months old. He was missing fur along his back, and had deep bite wounds and lacerations along his body. He had widespread fungal infections down his legs, along with severely bruised clubbed feet. Ringo was extremely malnourished, and had respiratory infections, including pneumonia.


Ringo was treated with antibiotics for nearly two months before he received a clean bill of health. He was provided specialized trimming every three weeks to correct his hooves and given the nourishment and care needed to help him thrive.


Today, Ringo is a healthy, confident, and very social 2 year old! He stands for the farrier, grooming, and haltering. He leads at the walk and trot wearing a saddle while navigating trail obstacles with ease. He is becoming skilled at ground driving, too! He is gelded and UTD on his vaccinations and de-worming. Ringo is available for adoption. Please contact Penny Lane Foal Rescue if you are interested in starting the adoption process. 

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