Sunny was recently transferred to us from the Impound Lot on the Navajo Nation. He was orphaned at a month old after his band had been rounded up. A caring individual found him at the edge of his property and took him in after being mauled by wild dogs. Without a Bill of Sale, a custody dispute between his original rescuer and a neighbor led him to be seized and placed indefinitely at the Impound Lot. He risked being sold to their livestock contractors who direct ship to slaughter once they reach 6 months old. Fortunately, the Rangers were willing to transfer him to Penny Lane Foal Rescue to receive rehabilitation, socialization, and foundation skills. 
When Sunny arrived, he was malnourished and had both internal and external ulcers requiring treatment. He received ulcer treatment, deworming, wound care, and farrier care to help him thrive. His gelding and vaccination are scheduled for late November. 
Sunny is a super healthy, confident, and very social 6-month-old weanling! He stands for the farrier, grooming, and haltering. He is learning to lead at the walk. Please contact Penny Lane Foal Rescue if you are interested in starting the adoption process.