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Day 11 of Baby's Recovery_ The good news


Sky arrived at Penny Lane Foal Rescue as a three-week-old orphaned foal following a vicious, nearly life-threatening, attack by a pack of dogs. He was featured in the Albuquerque Journal "Better Days for a Horse Determined to Live"(June 8, 2019). His wounds were numerous and severe, and he required around-the-clock, intensive care throughout the entire summer to help him heal.
Initially, Sky was barely able to stand for wound cleaning, unable to lay down or get up on his own. He required constant assistance. Volunteers throughout the community banded together to help this little foal survive. Twice daily Wound Care Teams were formed, often taking several hours at a time, to clean and bandage nearly every part of his body. He wore pajamas on his front and back legs, and had to be covered in a sheet to keep flies from re-infecting the wounds. He was on antibiotics for months, and was provided a special diet of milk replacer and foal pellets every few hours until his weaning at 5 months old.

As the months passed, Sky's wounds began to heal and he displayed increased energy and athleticism. Once healed, he was introduced to the rest of the herd and began his foundation skills training. At nearly four years old, Sky is a very healthy, active, gelded colt. He loves to run and play with his herd mates. He is halter trained, leads, backs up, stands for farrier and grooming, loads, maneuvers ground obstacles with ease, and is very intelligent. He stands at nearly 15.2 hands and nearly 1,000 pounds. He has a fun, spirited personality, as well as beautiful conformation and coloring. Please contact us if you are interested in SPONSORING  Sky or starting the adoption process to bring this wonderful boy into your life!

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