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Our Foals

Penny Lane Foal Rescue rescues orphaned and abandoned foals throughout New Mexico. Our Training Center provides intensive rehabilitation, socialization, and foundation skills to these most vulnerable little ones. We rescue these foals from round-ups on public land and reservation, livestock auctions, and owners who can no longer care for the foals. The foals remain in the program until we secure their loving, forever homes. They receive on-going vet and farrier care, intensive socialization, and extensive foundation skills at Penny Lane Foal Rescue and Training Center. Penny Lane Foal Rescue also provides assistance to others involved in rescuing orphaned and abandoned foals throughout New Mexico through our Elva Mico Emergency Assistance Fund.


Foal Training Program

  • socializing to human contact

  • introducing a variety of auditory, visual, and tactile stimuli

  • haltering

  • standing for grooming, vet care, farrier, and blanketing

  • maintaining respectful boundaries and personal space

  • leading at all gaits

  • backing up

  • moving away from pressure

  • lunging and round penning at all gaits

  • loading into trailers

  • early ground driving

  • wearing English/Western saddles

  • generalize foundation skills in a variety of settings


Once these skills become secured, our rescues become available to the public for adoption into their loving, forever homes.

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