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King was surrendered to Penny Lane Foal Rescue by a Good Samaritan after being found dying on a driveway in a rural part of town. He was laying in his own excrement, starved nearly to death, with open wounds covering his body and a severe laceration down his sternum. He could not stand, walk, or sit up. He spent weeks on puppy pee pads, having every need immediate addressed to keep him safe and sterile. His volunteer Wound Care Team of caring individual from throughout our community helped hold and soothe him while his many deep, infected wounds were thoroughly cleaned and dressed. After nearly three weeks of intensive care, King finally rose, on his own, to a standing position and took his first steps, after over a month of being totally incapacitated on the ground.
King's rehabilitation took over 1,000 volunteer hours and thousands of dollars in wound care treatment. He is now a very healthy, happy coming on two year old gelding. He is UTD on vaccinations, trims, and deworming. 
King is so sweet and very social! He stands for the farrier, grooming, and haltering. He is easy to halter and lead at the walk. He is a small Quarter Horse standing at 12 Hands, 500 pounds. Please contact Penny Lane Foal Rescue if you are interested in SPONSORING King or starting the adoption process to bring this very sweet youngster into your life. 

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